May 18, 2017
Benbrook, TX
Quality product. Professional and friendly install sercice
May 1, 2017
Burleson, TX
Great service. Timely installation. Very informative, non-pressure initial informational visit. 101 Mobility did exactly what they said they would do. Great follow-up after first visit. Never any pressure to purchase. Installation technician timely, efficient and through explanation on use after installation.
April 30, 2017
Coppell, TX
Wick response time. Very respectful repairman. Love that the company hires veterans.
April 18, 2017
Dallas, TX
Our lift has made it safe and easy for my husband get upstairs to his bedroom. Previously, he had fallen backwards down the stairs and after that, he was always petrified that he'd fall again! The installation was quick and mess free, the technician was competent and knowledgeable, and the chair is quiet and reliable. Thanks for a great product!
April 18, 2017
Garland, TX
Service is outstanding
April 12, 2017
McKinney, TX
Promptness, honesty
March 29, 2017
Allen, TX
Comprehensive knowledge of product and client needs
March 24, 2017
Carrollton, TX
Very responsive and adjusted to particular needs
March 4, 2017
Sheridan, AR
We were very pleased with the entire process involving the purchase and installation of the stair lift. The staff is very professional, helpful, and friendly, and the company provides a quality product.
February 28, 2017
Dallas, TX
Very friendly staff who are eager to accommodate your needs.
Connie Heise

101 Mobility has been a lifesaver! They have helped us through problems with a lift and in getting a new lift when our old one was damaged. They were very fast and efficient in getting us the right lift and Alfred was a wizard at installing it. He had worked on our old one as well and kept it going when it had malfunctioned. Jennifer, Melissa, and the whole office staff were friendly, kind, and empathetic. The bottom line is always, "did they do their job?", and we can say they do a great job! I know the owner is always thinking about how to get the job done well and to the client's satisfaction. I highly recommend this company for your mobility needs. They carefully match your needs to the exact product and installation.

Jean Kirk

Straight forward approach in providing information. Professional consultant for the in home visit and efficient skilled installation

JM Rudeseal

I had been trying to get my elderly parents (age 90's) to allow me to explore a stairlift for their home as their bedrooms are upstairs. They had resisted until my father wasn't able to make it up the stairs on a Monday. I had to act fast before they changed their mind. I had searching the internet and praying for guidance to find a solid company to work with and fast! I had 101Mobility recommended to me by a friend who had seen a positive report on Angies List. I was on a business trip late Thursday and emailed an inquiry from their website around 7pm. I received a very professional and informative response from Christina at 10:30pm that night. We exchanged a few emails and explained the urgency. She agreed to meet me when I got back in town on Saturday morning. It was a extremely pleasant experience and she worked to meet their needs and minimize the expense. And it was installed the following Monday! My parents just loved her and the installer and are happily and safely riding up and down the stairs. If you want someone who does business with the old fashion values of trust, integrity, dependability and courtesy you need to call them. They also employ Veterans as technicians which is another great positive.

Kim Reasor

101 Mobility is a great company, if you need any help or assistance in getting any type of service for Veterans, this is your place! Look no further, Christina and her team will walk you through the process from start to finish! You will not be disappointed, call them!!

John Walton

My experience with 101 Mobility was just absolutely outstanding at every phase, from the initial estimate to final installation. Their communication was great throughout the process and I highly recommend them if you're in the market for a stair lift.

Gordon, co-owner of 101 Mobility, met with us to evaluate the layout of our staircase and presented information on various models of stair lifts. We were immediately drawn to his attention to detail, customer focus, and chipper attitude. He listened to our needs without trying to rush the appointment or push us into making any rash decisions. His account manager followed up with equal enthusiasm and both individuals were involved in active communication via phone and email.

Their price was very competitive and warranty excellent.

We were thrilled that they have some stair lifts set up in their warehouse allowing us the opportunity for a “test ride” before finalizing decisions. Actual Installation only took 2 -3 hours and the technicians made certain we were comfortable with basic operation of lift and had questions/concerns answered before leaving. Gordon clearly has passion for what he does and understands the difference his products makes for individuals with mobility challenges. We feel reassured that, in the event, there’s a product issue or question, someone from 101 Mobility will be readily available to resolve.

Our work with 101 Mobility started about 8 months prior to the install. We contacted 101 Mobility while researching stair lifts to install in our home for elderly parents. When looking for a stair lift product, we found that most of them are not local to us, most out of state. 101 Mobility being a local Dallas vendor was the first thing that attracted us to them. Then after speaking with them over the phone, we knew that is who we wanted to do business with.

We were impressed with everyone at 101 Mobility Dallas, excellent price, installation and follow-up. We referred two friends to them, both purchased lifts for their parents, and were 100% pleased. Thanks Jennifer, Gordon, Erin and Josh for everything and helping parents live safe independent lives.

Wonderful group to work with. I used the Dallas franchise to install a stair lift and vertical plate form lift for my mother. Their staff was great, did the work quickly, the price was excellent and warranty by 101 excellent. I shopped around for over a month and found 101 Mobility Dallas to do our job. I would recommend them to anyone looking for the products they sell.

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