Essential Tips for Buying a Stair Lift (Part 2)

Is the Installer Properly Certified to Perform Your Specific Stairlift Installation-   

Reputable stair lift brands come with a training program that certifies their dealer to install and maintenance that particular brand.  These manufacturers will only sell products and parts to their certified dealers.  If the installing company does not have these certifications, then the product warranty can be voided immediately upon installation.  You often see these scenarios when a stairlift that has been resold on-line and now has landed in the hands of a local handyman looking to turn a quick profit.  Despite what that person may tell you, if they are not dealers they cannot get repair parts or submit warranty claims down the road.  Most manufacturers will have a dealer locator such as the one below to help you identify actual dealers.

Understand the Relationship of who is Selling the Stair Lift and who is Installing the Stair Lift-

Several manufacturers have decided to sell stairlifts direct to the end user and thus bypass any trained installers or laws that prohibit this practice. They are relying on the customers to make the appropriate diagnoses of product needed, take the appropriate measurements, and then safely install the lift themselves.  Regardless of the legal aspects, that is a lot to ask of a customer who has never seen or ridden a stair lift before and certainly isn’t properly trained.

Certified Stairlift Installers - Dallas

All 101 Mobility of Dallas stairlift installers are full time employees dedicated to making the lives of our customers better.

The direct sales manufacturers might also point you in a direction of an individual who would be willing to install your stairlift for an additional charge. What is really happening in this scenario is the manufacturers are compiling list of handymen who would otherwise be plumbers, carpenters, and landscapers and are willing to try their hand at putting in a stair lift.  Many are seeing these products for the first time when they are in your home.  Don’t be fooled because a person shows up to do the install and think the company is necessarily local. That installer was potentially randomly hired for the day at a set price.  They have no involvement or interest in coming back to service or maintenance your lift down the road.  Should a future issue arise, the manufacturer will try to point you back to the installer and the installer will accurately claim they didn’t sell the lift and it is not their responsibility either.

At 101 Mobility of Dallas, we only use trained installers of stairlifts who are our 100% full time employees.  This is all they do, every day.  We do not subcontract out our installations and neither do most reputable dealers.  Our team is paid on salary to get the job done right, and is not worried about punching the clock and rushing through your installation.



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