Essential Tips for Buying a StairLift (Part 3)

Does the Stairlift Dealer Understand Your Staircase?-

All staircases are different, even those that are built by the same builder using the exact same specifications.  The nuances of your staircase and the proper stair lift evaluation on the front end will ensure you get the best fitting and safest stair lift possible.  The rail overhangs at the top and bottom of the staircase, proper clear width between any wall obstructions, height differences related to a specific stair tread (every staircase has them), and flooring surfaces all play heavily into getting the proper chairlift  installation.  I would not trust a dealer who has a one size fits all mentality when it comes to stair lifts or only offers a single brand.  Certain manufacturers make better stairlifts for certain applications.  We sell multiple brands for this exact reason and will notify our clients of what options they should consider in each scenario.

At 101 Mobility of Dallas, we have found over the years that our installation technicians make the best evaluators of staircases. They are not commissioned salespeople but are purely interested in getting you the safest application to meet your needs and ensuring your questions are answered thoroughly. Be hesitant of stairlift dealers in your home who are overly pushy on the sales side, but can’t tell you how the exact unit you are discussing will lay out on your staircase. We have customers who have told us horror stories about pushy salespeople from other companies camping out in their homes and refusing to leave until the contract is signed.  This is another reason why you might want to consider making your initial contact at the dealer’s showroom instead of your home.  It is then on your terms and you can leave as you see fit.

Stairlift Evaluations by trained Professionals

At 101 Mobility of Dallas, our professional stairlift evaluations will leave no question unanswered or option unexplored.

Does the Stairlift Dealer Understand Your Specific Needs?- 

Our customers rely on us to understand their mobility issues and constraints and to guide them to the right stair lift product.  We want to think about their needs today, but also 5 years from now. A dealer who won’t come to your home to meet with you is someone who is not going to understand the real situation, challenges, and goals.  There are numerous stair lift types and options that can be added to a stair lift to meet nearly any mobility need, but a proper evaluation must be done by the dealer to know these concerns.  Detailed measurements of the stairs, interviewing potential users of the stairlift as well as other family members in the home, and also observing the capabilities of the user are part of a standard stair lift evaluation.  It is not uncommon for a customer to request us to work with their doctor or therapist to devise a suitable stair lift option.

Please take a look at our Google reviews for 101 Mobility of Dallas to see what actual customers are saying about their experiences with our team!

Don’t be Fooled by Commercials and Paid Actors on TV-

Some consumers assume that being on television is a sign of a great stairlift company.  Spending millions of dollars on commercials does not make the product or service of that product any better.  Most of the better stair lift manufacturers do no television advertising whatsoever.  Instead, they rely on reputation and word of mouth referrals from local dealers and previous customers.  Would you rather have a manufacturer who spends heavily on television commercials across the entire country, or a manufacturer who spends years on building a strong local dealer network of trusted professionals providing full service stair lift installations and maintenance?



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